Artist Profile: The Olympic Symphonium #ECMWMNB2014

Capture d’écran 2014-03-26 à 15.16.39Since 2006, The Olympic Symphonium have been creating contemplative, moody music and making audiences croon to their beautiful harmonies, lush soundscapes, and to ponder their poignant lyrics.

On their fourth album, Chance To Fate, the band further establish themselves as a unique voice in Canada’s contemporary music landscape. Putting aside themes of love in favour of heavier topics, the band ruminates on life, loss, religion, and self-doubt with this new material.

The album was recorded at the legendary, and possibly haunted, Salty Towers Inn in seaside St.Andrews, New Brunswick over four days with longtime engineer Brad Perry. Produced by ambient/electronic artist/drummer/producer Joshua Van Tassel (Great Lake Swimmers, David Myles, Megan Bonnell), these sessions mark the first time The Olympic Symphonium have invited outside voices into the creative process. Aside from the unique production, Chance To Fate sees a song (No Saving Grace) written/sung by lap-steel player Dennis Goodwin and another (All In Your Head) co-written by Fredericton poet Christopher Goodwin. The results are striking and sit perfectly alongside the rotating vocals/guitars/bass/piano by core members Nick Cobham, Kyle Cunjak, and Graeme Walker.

Though the band has toured Europe several times, performed at world-renowned events (the Olympic Winter Games, Pop Montreal, and Liverpool Sound City to name a few), and joined forces with an international label, the past couple years have been spent concentrating on their home province of New Brunswick. Specifically, the band has been developing the highly successful Shivering Songs winter festival they curate which recently finishing up its fourth year.

Friday April 4 – 8PM/20 h – Ticketpro Pop/Rock Stage (Hunter’s Ale House – 185, Kent)


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