Profil #SMNBW2013 Profile – @ChuckTeed

Prix MNB Awards 2013
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chuckdexThe head of InterAction School of Performing Arts Music Department, Chuck Teed provided musical instruction and accompaniment for over sixty students in 2012/2013. Chuck provided both private and group lessons while offer a wide array of performance opportunities for his students. Chuck’s students performed all over Saint John at a variety of venues, including Harbour Station, The Imperial Theatre, The Sanctuary Theatre, King Square, The Saint John City Market, and The Port of Saint John. Chuck also organized several workshops for his students, including a hand’s on session with Kat Danser and a one-on-one session with Joel Plaskett.

When Chuck wasn’t working at InterAction, he was working on behalf of several artists in the Saint John region. Chuck provided industry support for Penny Blacks, Clinton Charlton, Adam Washburn, Derelicts on Fire, Foreverband, and Leo LaFleur in 2012/2013, securing dates, showcases, and funding for the artists while performing general administrative duties.  He also successfully organized his fifth and six annual Best of Saint John Music Poll, an event he created in 2008 that celebrates the accomplishments of the local music community.

Chuck was also part of the team that successfully  secured the bid for Semaine Music New Brunswick Week 2013. Chuck wrote the bid document on behalf of the committee, and was subsequently named the chair of the local host committee.

Somehow, Chuck still finds for his first passion – performing and recording. Chuck shared stage and studio time with several artists in 2012/2013, including Penny Blacks, Adam Washburn, Derelicts on Fire, Foreverband, Nathan McGraw, and Brent Mason. As well, his original music was featured in several productions, including Charlotte’s Web, Just So Stories, and Halifax-based film The Grain Elevators.

Chuck Teed is nominated for Educator of the Year and Music Professional of the Year. InterAction School of Performing Arts is nominated in the Music Business of the Year category.


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