Profil #SMNBW2013 Profile – Paul Douglas

Prix MNB Awards 2013
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Born in Saint John, NB, Paul Douglas is an East Coast singer/song writer who has been in and out or recording studios since 1991.

He has played small bars, done open mikes, performed in a billion jam sessions and threw it all he has refined his music and song writing abilitities to the point of writing and producing his first full length 12 song debut CD entitled “Goodbye American Dream”

Greatly influenced by ” The Rolling Stones” (his favorite band) the new CD is a blend of pop rock and a few country tunes . The songs are an accurate reflection of his sometimes very crazy and very wild life.

There is nothing pretentious in his music or his sound. Its basic meat and potato’s with a pleasant surprise here and there.

…If one nite you are having a few drinks and feel like some party music, chances are you will find a song or two from his new CD that fits that bill.

….drink up and enjoy…
..turn up the music.

Paul Douglas is nominated in two Prix MNB Awards categories: Blues Recording of the Year and Video/DVD of the Year for Goodbye American Dream (Produced by Fiftyseven Design & Jared B. Media)


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