Profil #SMNBW2013 Profile – Motherhood

Prix MNB Awards 2013
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Photo taken by Brody Leblanc (2013)

Photo taken by Brody Leblanc (2013)

Motherhood is a 3-piece Art Rock band from Fredericton. Dipping fingers in several other New Brunswick bands (Maiden Names, The Waking Night, Shorty Tubbs) and furthering the Shifty Bits Cult (, the three keep busy writing, recording and performing almost daily. Having released their first full-length album, Diamonds & Gold, in June 2013, they are already preparing to head back to a studio of some sort, with big plans for perfection.

Talk is cheap, why explain it away? Listen to Diamonds & Gold (, and you’ll understand why they do what they do. You might even like it.

Motherhood is nominated for the MNB 2013 Group Recording of the Year Award.

During MNB Week, Motherhood will present a showcase on Saturday, October 19 at 11 PM at the Pepper’s Pub (1, Market Square).

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