Profil #SMNBW2013 Profile – Ryan Leblanc

Prix MNB Awards 2013
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Some of the most exciting acoustic music to come out of the East Coast of this country in recent years has flowed from the nimble fingers and exceedingly creative mind of multi-instrumentalist Ryan LeBlanc. Ryan has been a hit regionally, nationally and internationally whether it be in small intimate house concert settings, in front of hundreds in European theatres or thousands at the Montreal Jazz Festival audiences are always craning their necks to see just what exactly it is he does with his guitar or banjo. He has been known to play both… at the same time!

LeBlanc’s music fuses together choice elements of jazz, blues, and world music to create a driving, rhythmic, highly melodic brand of acoustic music that manages to both stimulate and calm you at the same time. His highly original material has many shades, colours, textures, and moods, and each piece has a distinct personality and character of its own.

As a performer he has had the great pleasure of touring Canada, Europe and the US and opening for the likes of multi Juno award winner Oliver Jones and Grammy award winner Alison Brown. He has toured in the UK and US with Catherine MacLellan and Old Man Luedecke, across Canada with South African fingerstylist Tony Cox and Chilean one armed guitarist Andres Godoy as well as through Germany with the legendary German guitar player Peter Finger, who signed Ryan to his European Label Acoustic Music Records in 2009.

Ryan Leblanc is nominated for a Prix MNB Award in the Instrumental Recording of the Year category. He will also be performing during the opening event at the Market Square on Thursday, October 17 at noon, during the Export Showcases/Vitrines d’exportations on Friday, October 18, during la Presque Totally French Showcase on Saturday, October 19 and during the Prix MNB Awards Gala on Sunday, October 20. (See complete schedule here).

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