Profil #SMNBW2012 Profil – Stephen Lewis and the Big Band of One

Prix MNB Awards 2013
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StephenLewisBBoOLook out for “Peanut Butter & Jam,” Stephen Lewis’s debut solo album. The Big Band of One‘s first record will be available Summer 2013. The album, which can be pre-ordered at, and what Stephen does is described in one quick punch as “I loop funky bass lines, I beat box, adding “tummy” percussion over slinky guitar riffs and soulful lyrics.” Stephen Lewis and The Big Band of One’s live performances cannot be described easily but the big guy conveys it this way :“Big Jams, Big Smiles and Big Bellies are in store.”

In summer and Fall of 2013, Stephen will tour through the Maritimes and beyond, headlining in support of his first full length album titled “Peanut Butter & Jam”. Stephen was the first east coast musician announced for this years Evolve Festival located in Antigonish, NS. “Voted Canada’s Best Music Festival by CBCRadio3 in 2011”. He will share the billing with names like Xavier Rudd (Australia), Poor Man’s Whiskey (San Francisco) and many more to be announced daily on Evolve’s Facebook Page. The fun doesn’t stop there.In addition to Evolve Stephen has also been booked for Paddlefest, MidSummer Madness, Folly Fest, Messtival and is in preparation of planning his first Ontario tour for August 2013.

The maritime crowd is very familiar with Stephen Lewis as he has had the pleasure of performing in many of the big, and not so big cities and villages around the area. Since 2012 he has taken the east coast scene by storm opening for bands such as Slowcoaster,Three Sheet, The Hornitz, Gordon Gets Lost, Earthbound Trio, and Jinx The Cat on multiple occasions, while being booked on festivals such as Evolve (Antigonish), FeelsGood FollyFest (Gagetown), Messtival (Anagance), Paddle Fest (Saint Andrews), MidSummer Madness (Kingston), Acres of Jam (St.Paul), and FreedomFest at the Farm (Saint Stephen). He lit up the streets of Fredericton and Saint John last year as a busker during Harvest Jazz & Blues and Market Square Buskers Festival. You will not want to miss his incredible live show, even though he is only one man the sound he creates is one of a big band.

Stephen Lewis was born and raised in the small rural town of Rusagonis, NB. His music has a down home feel that most Maritimers can relate to. He uses metaphors to paint a vivid musical picture of everyday situations and simple country life in rural New Brunswick. Although Stephen has a great appreciation for country living and simple folk music he has a style that is heavily influenced by his love of “the jam”, and the universal love for funky feel good music. Since playing solo, his music has evolved into anything but ordinary. He incorporates the use of a loop station which allows him the versatility of going from a soft trance like jam to clap your hands, tap your feet, get out of your seat and dance music.

Where ever Stephen plays it instantly becomes an east coast kitchen party. He always keeps crowds guessing with both his music and personality. Known for entertaining crowds with his funky guitar riffs and catchy song lyrics it his ability to keep the crowd entertained between songs with stories, jokes and over all relate-ability that will truly captivate you. You will simply fall in love with Stephen’s big soul, big sound, and big love for music so get ready to dance.

Stephen Lewis and the Big Band of One is nominated for an Emerging Artist of the Year MNB Award. He will also be performing during the Industry Mixer on Friday October 18 at Hemmings House Pictures (86, Prince William).

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