Profil #SMNBW2013 Profile @deathraysalad

Prix MNB Awards 2013
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DEATH-RAY SALAD is a electronic/house/dubstep artist living in Fredericton.

ORIGIN STORY: After the failed arachnid experiment that spawned Spider-Man, Oscorp sold their laser to WayneTech. Unable to find a use for the machine, Wayne Manor found it useful for composting.

When a watermelon with radiation exposure from sitting next to the microwave was put in the machine, DEATH-RAY SALAD was born.

His sole desire was to create music replicating the sound of his birth.

An effective method of contacting him would be through

You could also check out his music store, YouTube page, Facebook, or Twitter!

The FREE STUFF EP was released to maximize accessibility and allow for broader listernership. It is free now, and forever will be.

The FREE STUFF EP is nominated in two 2013 Prix MNB Awards categories: Solo recording of the Year & Enregistrement Instrumental Recording of the Year.

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