Profil #SMNBW2013 Profile – The @KendramGale Band

Prix MNB Awards 2013
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If you happen upon singer songwriter Kendra Gale in a crowded venue, you might ask yourself… who is this converse wearing modest girl hanging out near the bar? But don’t let her pleasant shyness mislead you. As soon as she takes the stage with her band she is capable of packing quite a punch. (Naturally after she knocks you over with her powerful voice and gritty rock music, she will probably come over and pick you up, dust you off…and heck probably give you a hug. She is just that nice.)

St. Andrews born and raised, Kendra’s genius lies in the way she can stand her own whether she’s leading a small jam circle at the local pub, or taking charge onstage at a packed venue. Her powerful pipes and unique style make every song she belts out her own, from covering fellow female rock leads like Grace Potter or pop stars like Rihanna and Britney Spears . But her stand out performances are always the ones she crafts herself, drawing so deep into her personal experiences that you can’t help but feel them in your bones. Kendra wrote her first song, ‘Second Thought’ when she was 13, a year after picking up the guitar and she hasn’t stopped since.

Kendra began performing her music with a band two years ago. As The Kendra Gale Band she has been making quite an impression around New Brunswick and the Maritimes. Some highlights include last year’s ECMA’s, a spot at Music New Brunswick Week and playing many headlining shows at the Red Herring Pub in St. Andrews and in other venues across the province. No matter where she is, or who she is playing with she always leaves crowds wanting more.

This past year has brought Kendra a new album and a new drummer. On her new cd the rock music is a bit heavier and more self assured, and Kendra’s lyrics have grown up right along with her. She has found her sound and it sounds good. In ‘Many Names’ a new track off the album Kendra belts out “Theres no telling what she’ll do or where she’ll end up”. Well, if the song is any indication, it’s clear where The KGB is going to end up…on your mind and infiltrating your playlists very soon.

The newest member of the Kendra Gale Band, Warren Beatteay is no stranger to the stage. Whether behind a drum set or backstage, he has been in the scene in the Saint John area for over 25 years. He also spent two years based in Halifax while touring the Atlantic club scene in the early 90’s and opening for big names such as Joan Jett, Lee Aaron, Meatloaf and more.

Twelve years ago he blew the dust off the skins and Warren has spent his time off either playing drums with some of Saint John’s finest musicians in various bands, as a fill in player for various special events around Saint John or festivals such as The Boardwalk Stage, The Salty Jam and Harvest Jazz and Blues. Predominantly playing in well known cover based bands throughout his drumming career, Warren has also been lucky to play with original based projects such as The Steve McQueen Band, Steve Zaat, Zany Lane and continues to work with the blues/rock based The Generators.

With a love of funk, R&B, rock and blues, his groove based style seems to fit effortlessly with Kendra’s original ideas bringing an additional edge to her material. He looks forward to working on new original material with Kendra and hopes to see lots of new stages from behind his drum kit with the KGB!

Kendra Gale Band will be performing on Friday October 18 at noon at the Market Square. Kendra Gale is also nominated for Collaborative Musician of the Year in this year’s Prix MNB Awards.

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