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LynnDaiglePrix MNB Awards 2013
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LYNN DAIGLE worked as Music Director at Mount Allison University while earning her Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Computer Information Systems and minoring in Physics- never thinking her two passions would one day join! Her work experience continued as Conference/Special Events Coordinator for the East Coast Music Awards and Music New Brunswick as well as her artist performance and management for Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew (multiple ECMA & MNB Winner).

Lynn continued to be intrigued by the new role of technology in music and expanded her education by regularly attending professional development seminars on digital marketing in the new music industry. She soon put her skills to practical use by developing aggressive cyber pr campaigns for her artists and her friends, and exploring online marketing opportunities that were integrating artists, fans and technology.

Lynn Daigle developed Malkin Music / Cyber PR Army in 2007 and has been steadily working in the music industry as a consultant and cyber marketing and identity development professional. She has been the moving force behind many of the online campaigns of her clients (Joel Plaskett, Big Sugar, Chris Colepaugh, Gordie Sampson, David Myles, Kim Stockwood and many others). Her focus is developing new media opportunities and encouraging (and helping) artists integrate their identities with their online fans. Lynn has been recognized with multiple nominations from the ECMAs and Music/Musique NB for her work and company.

MALKIN MUSIC CLIENT LIST (past and current)
Joel Plaskett / Grady / Big Sugar / Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew / Wide Mouth Mason / Sierra Noble / Gordie Sampson / David Myles / Kim Stockwood / Damhnait Doyle / The Heartbroken / Pink Thunder / Mary Jane Lamond / Jimmy Rankin / Slowcoaster / The East Coast Music Association / Music New Brunswick / Jessica Rhaye / The Motorleague / Mel Keith and the Strombachs / Chris Boudreau / Molly Thomason / Mo Kenney / Chris Boudreau / Melanie Morgan / Francelle Maria / *Hullabaloo Music Festival *Kendra Gale / *Ryan LeBlanc (*New for July 2013 )

Lynn works with artists in a team setting, and she does not claim the full results for their social media but she has played important roles in their development

Most Recent
• David Myles – winner of multiple junos, mmvas, etc. Lynn was part of the social media team, over 6,000 facebook fans and over 10,000 (yes, ten thousand) hits this past month. Social media integration, fan voting contests, social branding, album launch social marketing and advertising, pinterest integration & contesting
• Joel Plaskett – over 37,000 facebook fans, social media integration, site development and content.
• Big Sugar – full website, over 7,000 facebook fans, social media updating and integration, marketing and grant proposals and administration.
• Chris Colepaugh – all social media, over 240,000 views on CC youtube channel, as well as all management and administration
• Wide Mouth Mason – limited social media, graphic development, grant proposals and administration
• Hullabaloo Music Festival – Social Media Development, conversation development, marketing initiatives through youtube, Adwords, facebook and Adroll

Lynn Daigle is nominated in the Music Industry Professional of the Year category and her business Malkin Music / Cyber PR Army is nominated in the Music Business of the Year category.

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