#SMNBW2013 Profile – @Lovestormmusic

LovestormPrix MNB Awards 2013
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They may have been born the baby of other Maritime acts (Isaac and Blewett and Great Balancing Act), but that doesn’t mean the world was expecting them. Seemingly out of nowhere, Tim Isaac and Nina Khosla became Lovestorm, a sensual, exotic cello / voice duo that could not be pegged down.

Their debut recording ‘Great Ocean’ was released in 2009 and took the scene by surprise, garnering an ECMA nomination and 5 Music New Brunswick nominations for its rich, emotional tone – the dark, full sounds of harmonium, the lush and stormy cello and breezy light vocals with a playful feel.

In 2011, they released ‘Overripe’, written and recorded entirely in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. This recording revealed Nina’s affinity for songwriting and Tim’s flexible and extremely creative nature. The recording is intimate, features viola and flute, and emanates the heat of the tropics, backed by ocean sounds, salt air and birds. Overripe garnered 4 more MNB nominations for the group.

Lovestorm have performed throughout the Maritimes self-producing their shows, as well as participating in events and festivals (notably Evolve Festival, Deep Roots Festival and Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival). They have created over 16 music videos and continue to challenge themselves, bringing their own interests into the fold with personalized Lovestorm pottery, signature fragrances, and now a collaborative food blog – April Parsnip.

2013 sees them releasing their finest recording yet – ‘Free to Love’ – featuring the dance stylings of Nina’s Alesis Micron keyboard and Tim’s intricate orchestral arrangements. Together with positive, uplifting lyrics and passionate duets, you have the heart, the powerful celebration of life that is Lovestorm.

Lovestorm’s video Now I Know You has been nominated in the Video or DVD of the Year category.  The duo will also be performing on Friday, October 18, at the Taco Pica (96, Germain) after 9:30 PM.

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