#SMNBW2013 Profile – Karl Gans

KarlGansPrix MNB Awards 2013
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For 33 years Karl Gans has been synonymous with top quality drumming in the East Coast. He has held the throne for a variety of East Coast acts from pop-rock to jazz and everything in between. He is an active session musician in many recording facilities and a sought after clinician. Currently, he holds the drum chair for Ross Neilsen Band, a national, award winning band that has been touring Canada relentlessly for the past six years.

Although these musical accomplishments speak to his high calibre musicianship, it is his teaching practice that Karl should be most recognized. For 33 years, Karl Gans has been teaching a large roster of drum students. Balancing a rigorous tour schedule with a large teaching roster isn’t easy but Karl has managed to do just that. Teaching up to 50 students a semester, ranging from youth to seniors he has had a direct impact on the east coast music scene, training and launching the musical careers of many of his former students. I believe few people in New Brunswick have had the long term impact that Karl Gans has had from nearly four decades of influencing the back beat of the maritime sound.

His instruction has helped shape the sound of musicians in a diverse group of bands as: Rob Crowell (Deer Tick, Matt Mays, The Mellotones) Gregg Harrison (Fred Penner), Andrew Appleby, Anthony Savidge (Ceremonial Guard Military Band),

Through these decades of teaching it has been Karl’s mission to educate his pupils on striving to play that perfect note. Even if it means to play nothing at all. Teaching his students to place ego’s aside and serve the song. THIS, in my opinion, is award worthy on its own. Humbleness and musicality should be taught to ALL musicians and Karl has always been adamant about passing that along to his pupils.

Written by Ross Neilsen

Karl Gans is nominated in the Educator of the Year / Éducateur de l’année category.

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