#SMNBW2013 Profile – John Jerome and the Congregation

Prix MNB Awards 2013
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John Jerome and The Congregation may be a new band in one sense of the word however there is a rich musical legacy running through their blood. A quintet comprised of the group’s namesake leader John Jerome, his right-hand man Kyle McDonald, Mico Roy, Maxence Cormier and Julie Doucette, the collective musical history brought to the table by these five people is an impressive and diverse one:

You’ve got Jerome’s history in indie-noise rock bands Pervert and Heimlich while McDonald’s experience with low-end rockers Shevil and Cop Shades helps to create a distinctive contrast. Both Mico and Maxence perform with Acadian band Les Hotesses d’Hilaire while Doucette performs with Acadian musician Kevin McIntyre.

Since April 2011, this is a group that has built upon the whole idea of unity. Nowhere is that cohesiveness more evident than on their upcoming debut record “Ask Not What I Can Do For You, But What We Can Do Together” to be released via Superbob on Tuesday March 12, 2013. While Jerome might be the initial spark behind the bulk of the nine songs featured on the album, handing over the reins of the song then becomes a group effort of creating something larger than life.

“Typically, John will come up with a melody at random as the result of picking up an instrument and tinkering around with it for a few minutes,” McDonald says. “It could be anything; mandolin, piano, keyboard, bass, guitar. He starts with one simple lick and before long we are collectively mired in a huge song structure and endless ideas.”

John Jerome and the Congregations is nominated in the following categories Emerging Artist of the Year and Rock Recording of the Year.

You can found John Jerome and the Congregations on Facebook.

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