#SMNBW2013 – Jamie Guitar

JamieGuitarPrix MNB Awards 2013
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Musical gypsy, Collaborative Musician of the Year nominee Jamie Guitar has been a go-to Bassist on the music scene in North America for the past two years. A consummate and sought after sideman on upright and electric bass. Jamie’s upright skills and rockabilly slap on the doghouse have made him a number one choice for roots/rockabilly in New Brunswick and beyond. In 2008 Jamie’s upright skills found him standing next to legendary drummer, DJ Fontana (Elvis Presley), during a show at The Playhouse in Fredericton. Over the past two years Jamie has been going where the work is. From performing in Nashville on Broadway withPhil Hummer & the White Falcons, Vancouver (Joey Only Outlaw Band); Ottawa (Ray Harris & the BSOBs, Uncle Sean & the Shifty Drifters); Kingston (Liquorbox), Toronto (Ginger St James), Montreal (Hobo Outlaws), and more recently (summer 2012) he has returned to his native home, Fredericton, New Brunswick, where is upright skills and electric bass playing have been in demand from Mark Roberts & the Shore Road Drifters, the Rockin’ Billies, Jimmie Deliverance & Mountain Chicken, Josh Bravener, Sissy & the Hobos, and the Ross Neilsen Band.

Demand for his low end sound have had him in the studio recording in a variety of locations for a variety of styles in music. Fredericton (Outreach), Shediac (Studio Belivo), Ottawa (Ten Volt), Montreal (Home Sweet Home), North Carolina (Rebel Roots), and Louisiana (Dockside).

When not in the studio or hauling his upright to a pick up gig for any number of NB acts, Jamie can be found holding down the electric bass position for the award winning, national touring act, Ross Neilsen Band. Upright or electric, Jamie lays down the low end. Preferring big grooves to flashy note combinations he always ensures the song gets the proper hip shaking groove. 

This nomination letter was written by Ross Neilsen.

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