#SMNBW Artists Profile/Profil d’artistes : Danger Cat


Prix MNB Awards 2013
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Taking their name from the legendary poem written by Dean “The Deaner” Murdoch, Danger Cat makes music that lives up to its epic name. Composed of 4 distinct musicians – Nick Leblanc(Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Mathieu Leblanc(Lead Guitar), Olivier Landry(Bass, Vocals) and Marc-Andre Belliveau (Drums).

Danger Cat’s music is a symbiotic mix of trained musicians and unbridled expression. Beginning as a jam-room side project, the group spawned from an unexpected encounter. Mathieu and Marc-Andre, who had been playing in bands professionally, started jamming with Oliver and Nick who had never played in front of an audience but had a natural knack for song-writing and shared the same passion for music. This proved to be an optimal mix because soon after, the band started getting recognition.

They set out with a goal to create original rock music and never disappoint live. With tight chemistry and unique personalities, their live shows manifest a raw energy that matches their authentic sound and leaves a mark. Whether they’re playing live or in a studio, Danger Cat is still releasing their music and spreading their sound across the maritimes.

Danger Cat is nominated for three Prix MNB Awards: Group Recording of the Year , Emerging Artist of the Year and Recording of the Year. They will perform a showcase on Friday, October 18 at the Sanctuary Hall (228, Germain) after 7 PM.

www.dangercat.ca / Facebook

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