#SMNBW2013 Nominee Profile / Profil de finaliste : Sarah Nesbitt – BRandom Talent

SarahNesbittSarah Nesbitt began her journey in the arts as a child, becoming a published poet at the age of 8. She continued writing (being published in two books of collected poetry), then picked up a guitar at age 23 and started writing songs.  She found herself surrounded by musicians who inspired her to delve

deeper into the music community. Having been in sales and marketing since the age of 20, in 2009 Sarah began Music For A Cure, an annual all day, all night musical fundraiser that donates to a different cancer related charity each year by showcasing musicians, artists and photographers. (FACEBOOK).


At the same time Sarah began using her Sales & Marketing knowledge to assist those musicians, artists, and photographers, in career development. Starting as a hobby to gain experience in the industry, word quickly spread and musicians began seeking her for business consulting.

By 2011, Sarah’s career in Sales & Marketing had been promoted to Marketing Management. The additional skills were beneficial in her decision to start booking acts in New Brunswick venues. Her focus was on Moncton’s heavy rock band Road Rage, and Campbellton’s Aboriginal Artist Melissa Girvan.

In April 2012, after a year of performing across New Brunswick, Melissa Girvan was asked to showcase her talents at The First Nations Showcase at East Coast Music Week. At the same showcase Sarah picked up multiple ECMA nominee Gary Sappier for bookings and up and comers Illfundz & Beaatz (now City Natives) for artist development.

In October 2012 Sarah re-launched her self-named business to BRandom Talent, believing it was the best decision to become a serious, well established, Music Industry Business. After years of work building a reputation, it was time to take the next step.

In November and December 2012, Sarah worked with the Mike V Band to help promote their Christmas song, which ended up being played on radio stations across Canada such as East Coast Kitchen Party Radio, CBC, and College Stations in British Columbia. This project was also in collaboration with Entertainment Plus owner Terry Parker of Moncton’s 103.9fm.

Also in December, Sarah picked up Moncton’s own Whiskey River Trio, which is made up of Divorcees members Alex Madsen, Denis Arsenault, and former Divorcees member Jason Haywood.

In March 2013, Sarah attended East Coast Music Week, as Melissa Girvan and Gary Sappier were once again featured in the First Nations Showcase.  Gary Sappier received two nominations for both R&B Soul Album of the Year and Aboriginal Album of the Year.

This year is already on track to become the most successful year yet for her business and artists. Sarah has already booked over 55 performances in 2013 for NB acts such as Whiskey River, Melissa Girvan, Jared Lutes, Kyle Johnsen, Gary Sappier, Ashley McNally, and Nova Scotia’s Christine Campbell.

She has even created a new family venue where musicians are able to perform every Saturday at the Lotus Co-Operative Marketplace in Moncton, NB. (www.facebook.com/lotus.coop). BRandom Talent was also the New Brunswick tour booking agent for Holly McNarland’s former guitar player Sid Johnson, from Montreal, in May 2013.

Since January 2013, Sarah has been arranging a number of Jeff’s Musical Car performances (ex. Melissa Girvan, Christine Campbell, Jason Haywood, and Sid Johnson), and aiding in the promotion of this new musical series based in Moncton. Sarah has also picked up two reoccurring Sound Engineering jobs with Last Round Boxer in Moncton, and Moncton’s Boxing & Karate Commission. Already working four of these events thus far in 2013, Sarah continues to be one of Moncton’s go to businesses for a wide range of services.

Sarah is nominated in the Music Industry Professional of the Year category and her company BRandom Talent is nominated in the Music Business of the Year category.

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