#SMNBW2013 Artists Profile / Profil d’artistes : @MarissaLucia Rignanesi

Singer-songwriter Marissa Rignanesi is a common face in the Saint John music scene. The triple threat has spent the majority of her life on a stage performing in musical theatre productions and open mic nights, earning her a spot in the hearts of music and arts fans in her home town and beyond.

Marissa started playing piano at age 3, and never looked back. “Nothing compares to sitting barefoot at the piano and feeling the music shiver up through the floor into the soles of your feet”. No stranger to the ivory keys, she decided to expand her instrumental repertoire and, after learning the basics of bass, drums and violin, took to teaching herself guitar in 2006. That’s when the songwriting really began, culminating in the 2012 release of her first album “This Side of the Snow”.

Nominated for Best Female Artist and Best New Album in the 2012 Saint John Music poll, Marissa’s music is recognized for her songwriting, lyrics and heart-on-the-sleeve honesty. “I’m honest in my writing. My songs are stories about things that have happened to everyone and people will be able to find a piece of themselves in the melodies and lyrics of these stories. I’m incredibly excited and humbled by the idea of people wanting to hear my music and bring it into their homes.”

From jazz, to folk to alt-country, Marissa delivers music that is entertaining to a variety of musical tastes.

Her album This Side of the Snow is nominated for two awards: Solo Recording Artist of the Year and Country Recording of the Year

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