#SMNBW2013 Artist Profile – In Dreams

InDreams-PlanB#SMNBW2013 Artists Profile/ Profil d’artistes: Since 2010, In Dreams has been working obsessively; tweaking, experimenting, self-resonating, and planning. This summer, they will share their first EP under Teknology Productions. By blending the soft ethereal with frantic obsession to detail, In Dreams invites you to experience it’s lifeblood; music created from it’s lucid reality.

Their EP Sleepwalk has been nominated for 4 PMNBA: Group Recording of the Year (duos and groups only), SOCAN Song of the Year (for the title track), Recording of the Year, Urban / Electronic Recording of the Year.

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1 Response to #SMNBW2013 Artist Profile – In Dreams

  1. Nick and Susan your make a wonderful team..love your songs..way to go!

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