#ECMWMNB2014 Profile : Gary Sappier Blues Band

Depending on the day, Gary Sappier might perform any number of roles. he’s the nation’s first-call Aboriginal ambassador, a futuristic technology advocate, a dedicated educator, and of course, a Canadian music luminary. A multi-instrumentalist whose music is a unique combination of Aboriginal flavoured rythms and soulful blues. Since 2003, the Aboriginal bluesman has produced three albums and garnered four ECMA nominations and is a solid fixture in Canada’s East Coast music scene. Gary has represented Canada in many countries such as United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, Afghanistan and the United States.

APTN First Nations Showcase
Saturday, April 5 – 10 PM (The Rodd – 75 Kent)

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#ECMAMNB2014 Artist Profile : Becka DeHaan

beckadehaan2Becka deHaan’s style is described as “a traditional yet soulful, spirited sound.” Blending her classical background with black and bluesy influences such as Eva Cassidy, Patty Griffin and Maria Maldaur, and country-pop influences such as Susan Ashton, she produces a unique offering of both original and cover material on piano and voice, on flute and harmonica–an offering that has moved audiences to tears and roused them to standing ovations. Becka was playing piano before she could walk and singing as early as age four; a toddler photograph reveals her sitting, totally still, by a stereo, listening intently. Now performing under her mother’s maiden name of deHaan, she was born Rebekah Joy Thiessen in Winnipeg, three months prematurely on July 11, 1984, depriving her of all eyesight but light perception at two months.

Her parents moved to St. Stephen, NB in 1985, where they raised her, along with her two younger siblings. Upon high school graduation in 2002, Becka received her certificate of Grade 10 Piano from the Toronto-based Royal Conservatory of Music, and in 2006, she graduated from Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg, with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Biblical and theological studies and minoring in English. She returned to New Brunswick and from there has carried out her career: After performing for National Child’s Day at the Senate in Ottawa in the fall of 2008 and at a Canadian Social Forum in Calgary the following spring, she went on to win the Canadian National Institute for the Blind’s first annual national iFactor competition, earning her the opening slot for Juno nominee, Terry Kelly, in concert in Winnipeg, in the fall of 2010. From 2008 to 2011, she was also keyboardist and lead female vocalist for Fredericton’s showband, Vinyl2Bits.

March 2010 saw the release of her debut, full-length album, “Wait for the Wind”—an album showcasing deHaan’s many talents as a vocalist, instrumentalist, composer and lyricist. It has earned nominations for 2010 Spiritual Recording with Music New Brunswick, for a 2010 Covenant Award–Inspirational Album of the Year–with Gospel Music Association Canada, and for a 2011 East Coast Music Award-Gospel Recording of the Year.

Her second album, “Long-Awaited, Unexpected,” was released in October, 2012–a Christmas album highlighting her development in performance, writing and arranging, with original reflections and arrangements of traditional carols. It received an award nomination with Music New Brunswick (Roots/Folk Recording) and two 2013 Covenant Award nominations with Gospel Music Association Canada (Seasonal Album of the Year, and the record’s closing track, “The Baby on the Hay,” for Seasonal Song of the Year). She continues to write and performs regularly throughout New Brunswick and beyond.

6 avril/April 6 – Gospel Brunch – 12:30PM/ 12 h 30

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Profil #ECMWMNB2014 : La Virée #ECMW2014

Depuis ses débuts en novembre 2001, le groupe acadien La Virée a fait swinger des dizaines de milliers de personnes ! Le groupe s’est promené un peu partout à travers le pays et a traversé plus d’une fois l’océan Atlantique pour chanter en France où il a un fan club bien établi.LaViree

C’est à l’été 2004 que le groupe a connu ses plus grands succès grâce à sa participation au Festival Interceltique de Lorient, en France, où pendant un marathon de 18 spectacles en neuf jours, les gars ont fait chanter et danser des dizaines de milliers de personnes venues de tous les coins de la France pour franchir les portes du Pavillon de l’Acadie.

La musique traditionnelle acadienne est la base du groupe La Virée, mais les musiciens visitent souvent le folklore et en font ressortir une saveur de folk contemporain. Outre ses propres compositions, le groupe propose un répertoire varié d’airs connus de la chanson acadienne, parfois québécoise et bretonne, de la musique qui bouge. À ce joyeux mélange s’ajoutent quelques reels de violon. Le succès de vos soirées sera assuré par des musiciens généreux qui vous feront danser, sauter, virer et même chavirer au son de leur musique ! Y’a pas de doute là-dessus…

Samedi 5 avril – 15 h : Canadian Music. East Coast Style. Export Buyers Showcase (Delta Ballroom – 18 Queen)
Samedi 5 avril – 20 h 25 : Soirée Franco Est (The Rodd – 75, Kent)

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#ECMWMNB2014 Profile @TheMotorleague

Photo: Ryan Ritchie

Photo: Ryan Ritchie

It’s mere seconds into a typical track by The Motorleague that listeners realize what they’re in for. Be it a blistering single-string guitar riff delivered through an amp that’s seemingly been set afire or a bludgeoning smash to the snare drum, this band delivers its punk-influenced hard rock with an unrelenting urgency from start to finish. Or at least that was the case with the band’s heralded 2009 debut LP, Black Noise… their 2013 follow-up Acknowledge, Acknowledge also features a flurry of high-energy, riff-anchored rock, it’s also much more dynamic and expressive – and that was the idea from the outset.

Formed in Moncton, NB from the relics of revered local rock outfits The Ditchpigs and The Monoxides, The Motorleague was originally an outlet for lead vocalist/guitarist/primary songwriter Don Levandier and his band mates to blend a penchant for ‘90s skate punk with the sludgier sounds of stoner rock. “I never knew whether I wanted to be in a punk band or Fu Manchu rip-off,” Levandier says of the group’s formative years, and even now, traces of each are audible in the band’s output.

With the release of Acknowledge, Acknowledge, The Motorleague has marked a new beginning with a firmly-cemented stable of players set to carry the banner forward. Joining Levandier are Shawn Chaisson (bass/vocals), Francis Landry (drums), and Nathan Jones (guitar/vocals). And while their influences are still on their sleeves, over time, The Motorleague has morphed into a rock band that exists strictly on its own terms.

Saturday April 5 – 3:30AM: Loud Stage (Hunter’s Ale House – 185, Kent)
Saturday April 5 – 10:30PM: UPS Rock Stage (Delta Ballroom – 18 Queen)
Sunday April 6 – 8PM: Gala Eastlink East Coast Music Awards Gala

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Profil d’artiste @Paiens #ECMWMNB2014 #ECMW2014

paiensles Païens, quintette instrumental s’inspirant du rock/jazz/loop-groove créé en 94’. Denis Surette (guitare), Jean Surette (percussions), Jonah Haché (guitare, synthétiseurs), Marc Arsenault (basse) et Sebastien Michaud (cuivres, bois, KAOS pad) sont tous originaires du Canada atlantique et sont des musiciens aguerris, des créateurs nés qui aiment explorer de nouvelles voies musicales.

Les Païens comptent maintenant huit albums à leur actif, dont le dernier, Carte blanche, a été lancé à l’automne 2013. La formation est influencée par le travail de nombreux artistes tels Miles Davis, Tortoise, Medeski Martin and Wood, Jagga Jazzist, Érik Truffaz, Misteur Valaire et DJ Shadow. Depuis 2 ans, ils s’inspirent du looping et des rythmes empruntés à la musique électronique.

Vendredi 4 avril – 23 h 25 : KENT Jazz Stage presented by TD PEI Jazz & Blues Festival (Globe World Flavours – 132, Richmond)
Dimanche 6 avril – 0 h 30 : Scène MNB Stage (Fishbones – 136, Richmond)



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Artist Profile : 60LPs @Matt60lps #ECMWMNB2014 #ECMW2014

60Lps-72Forming in 2011, 60 LPs have quickly become known for their gripping live performances and for their frenetic sound that throws itself up against such bands as Bloc Party, The Police, and Led Zeppelin. They have shared the stage with a number of great acts including: Fast Romantics, Soho Ghetto, Hey Ocean, Repartee, and Two Hours Traffic. 60 LPs teamed up with producer Laurence Currie on their debut EP “In The Interest of National Security” which was released in 2013. 60 LPs are currently finishing up work on their first full length album – scheduled for release in the summer of 2014. 60 LPs are please to announce that they will be preforming on the Music NB stage at the 2014 ECMAs.

Sunday April 6 – 1 h 15 : Scène MNB Stage (Fishbones – 136, Richmond)

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Profil d’artiste : @MaximeMcGraw #ECMWMNB2014 #ECMW2014

MaximeMcGrawPressMaxime McGraw, de Tracadie-Sheila, a grandi dans une maisonnée où la musique occupe une place prépondérante. Guitare, violon et chant rythment les fêtes de famille. Alors que son frère suit des cours de guitare, Maxime apprend en autodidacte. Au départ, il s’exerce en interprétant les mélodies de groupes locaux. Puis, autour de feux de camp ou dans les fêtes entre amis, il joue des pièces de Kevin Parent, Okoumé, Dave Matthews ou Francis Cabrel.

Il a participé à de nombreux concours dont Accros de la chanson et Festival de la chanson de Trois-Pistoles et le Gala de la chanson de Caraquet. C’est là qu’il comprend qu’il veut consacrer sa vie à la musique. Devant près de 1200 personnes, il a la piqûre du spectacle. L’adrénaline tout juste avant de se présenter sur scène, les battements de coeur qui s’accélèrent, l’énergie que lui fournit la foule, le nuage sur lequel il flotte durant les minutes suivant sa prestation.
En 2006, il remporte trois prix lors de son passage au Sommet de la chanson de Kedgwick, dont celui d’auteur-compositeur-interprète. En 2008, ses amis et sa famille l’encouragent à essayer les auditions de Star Académie. Pour leur faire plaisir, il présente sa candidature. Étonné, il est ensuite convié aux auditions de Montréal et se fait remarquer en remportant le prix du public pour son audition télévisée.

Il partage ensuite la scène avec Jean-François Breau, Alfa Rococo, Michel Pagliaro, Andrée Watters, Marc Déry et Wilfred Le Bouthillier. En 2011, Maxime lance la chanson Personne ne sera toi, écrite et composée par Sophie Nault et Marc Dupré. Le succès atteint le Top 20 Correspondant du Palmarès de l’ADISQ. À la fin de l’été 2012, le duo de Maxime avec Marie-Pier Perreault, Mon éternité, résonne dans les radios et atteint le ta première position du Top 150 de ce même palmarès pendant quatre semaines tout juste avant qu’il ne livre son premier album éponyme.

Samedi 5 avril – 19 h 15 : Soirée Franco Est (The Rodd – 75, Kent)

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